WIBW Memories: The Candy Man

While growing up, I lived in St. Marys, directly across the street from Barney and Sadie Flanary. We all visited back and forth.

Barney worked for WIBW as a custodian. Barney started there and retired there.

I remember mostly 1953, '54, '55 and '56. I was 6, 7, 8 and 9 years old.

Barney, while doing his job, would pick up all the loose candy that the clowns and others would toss to the children that came to WIBW to be on TV. I and the neighborhood kids would look forward to the candy Barney would bring us.

He would also let the kids and parents know when to bring the kids down to be on TV. We all thought it was something since TV was so new to go down and be on WIBW.

Thank you!
Tom Gideon