WIBW Memories: The First Voice was Daddy

My father (Paul Roscoe) was the first voice heard on WIBW TV and signed them on the air. I was only 8 years old and my sister (Paula Gerlach) was 12 at the time, but we remember being there when they put up the tower - very exciting!

I can't remember everything my dad did, but I know he was the weather man for a while. He attended the dinner for the 25th anniversary celebration. The station was kind enough to do an on-the-air obituary when he passed away in 1979 and they had a picture of him at the dinner on the news and either had him talking at the tinner, or tape of the original sign on (can't remember!).

Congratulations on the anniversary and on the move to digital. Things certainly have changed! This memory of our dad has always been very special for us and our children. I know the time at WIBW was special for him as well.

Pam Lower