WIBW Memories: Dad's Election

My favorite memory watching WIBW was in November, 1968 on election day. I was a 16-year old junior at Topeka High School. During the 10:00 evening news, Roger N. Wilson introduced two guests in the studio by saying "I have here with me two new senators, U.S. Senator Bob Dole and State Senator Elwaine Pomeroy". He then visited briefly with both.

I have often wished that we had recorders back then so that I could have a copy of my dad with Senator Dole on their first term election nights.

The first special programing that I remember watching was in 1963 the funeral of President Kennedy on channel 13. Part of the funeral was a Latin mass and there was no translation across the bottom of the screen. However, since my dad knew Latin, we felt lucky to have our own translator.

WIBW has been a colorful part of my growing up, even though we only had a black and white television until I was in college. Thanks for the memories.


Duane F. Pomeroy