DNA Evidence Brought Into Thurber Trial

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WINFIELD, Kan. (AP) _ Afternoon testimony is expected from the medical examiner who conducted the autopsy on a slain Kansas student and the nurse who did the sexual assault exam on the body.

Dr. Terri Melton, a DNA expert, testified Tuesday morning that it's nearly impossible that DNA evidence found inside Jodi Sanderholm's car belonged to someone other than Justin Thurber. Investigators say hair samples from Thurber's head, arms and legs were found in the car.

Late in the morning a data collection specialist from Yahoo! Internet services testified about Thurber's account and login activity. Prosecutors are trying to show that Thurber used the Internet to stalk Sanderholm other members of the Cowley College dance team.

Thurber is charged with capital murder in the Jan. 5, 2007, kidnap, rape and killing of the 19-year-old Sanderholm.

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