More Voices Heard in Pitch to Cull Park's Deer Herd

SHAWNEE, Kan. (AP) -- Johnson County officials are under
increasing pressure to do something about the exploding deer
population at a popular park.

One man who lives and plays golf near Shawnee Mission park says
he watches deer march through his neighborhood, saying ``They walk
down the street like taxpayers.'' A woman said ticks from deer
probably infected her with Lyme Disease three years ago.

Members of the Lyme Association of Greater Kansas City are
expected to appear today before the Johnson County Commission. The
group wants the estimated 400 deer at the park killed to make way
for a new generation repopulate the park at a sustainable level.

The park district's biodiversity committee has been directed to
accelerate efforts to devise a deer management plan as part of its
overall plan to preserve the park