Law Enforcement Bust 103 Unsafe Drivers

On February 4, 2009 Officers with the Riley County Police Department and Troopers with the Kansas Highway Patrol joined together in an effort to bring awareness to traffic safety on K-18 Hwy between Ft. Riley and Manhattan. This was done because the Riley County Police Department has received a large number of complaints about traffic on this stretch of highway and several accidents have occurred in which some fatalities have resulted.

During the operation law enforcement officers issued warning tickets and citations to motorists who were operating in an unsafe manner. This resulted in 103 motorists being issued either a warning ticket or citation.

In addition to driver’s being cited for various traffic violations, five persons were arrested.

Four of the arrests were for illegal drug possession and one arrest was for an outstanding warrant. The Riley County Police Department plans to continue to make traffic safety on this stretch of highway a priority.