Wittig and Weidner Found Guilty

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The verdict came in early Monday evening in the trial of former Westar Energy Chief David Wittig and former Topeka Bank President Del Weidner.

A grand jury found both Wittig and Weidner guilty of bank fraud, money laundering, and conspiracy. Jury deliberations began last Friday on this case...the jury took a break over the weekend and came back today to make their final decision.

The case began when the two men were accused of trying to cover up a one and a half million dollar loan that Wittig made to Weidner in 2001.
According to the U.S. Attorney, Weidner agreed to increase Wittig's line of credit for that amount if Wittig would let him use that money for a real estate venture in Arizona.

Weidner pleaded guilty before the trial to two charges of making false bank entries.. and stood trial on the other accusations against him. Wittig denied all charges...

Both men have been ordered to appear again in court on October 20th for sentencing. Each faces up to 45 years in a federal prison. Wittig's attorney says he plans to first seek a new trial, and if unsuccessful, he says he will appeal this case.