Phill Kline and Paul Morrison Debate Toughness on Crime at Dole Institute Saturday

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A man on death row for four killings in Wichita has become part of the attorney general's race.

Republican incumbent Phill Kline continues to portray Democratic
challenger Paul Morrison as too soft on violent crime. But Morrison
contends he's a ``real lawman,'' while Kline is a politician who's
misleading voters in linking Reginald Carr's crimes to a 2000 law
that Morrison supported.

Kline and Morrison will debate the issues this afternoon at the Dole Institute in Lawrence. The exchange will center on issues such as fighting crime and seeking patient records from abortion clinics.

A fund-raising letter sent by Kline's campaign under his signature last month described Carr as being ``released early by Morrison's bill.'' Carr was released less than two weeks before the first killing.

The Morrison campaign says employee error led to Carr's release.
The department of corrections said that without the error, the state would have supervised Carr six months longer.