Obama Seeks GOP Help for Recovery Bill

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WASHINGTON (AP) _ Senate Democratic leaders are confident that
they'll get at least some GOP support when the stimulus package
that was approved by the House Wednesday comes to the Senate floor
for a vote next week.

Not a single House Republican voted in favor of it.

Several Senate conservatives attacked the measure at a news conference Thursday. Oklahoma Republican Tom Coburn said it's ``about spending money we don't have for things we don't need.''

And Nevada's John Ensign said he's looking for a measure that's
likely to grow the economy and create jobs, instead just a ``massive spending bill.''

President Barack Obama is suggesting that the House plan isn't perfect. He says he hopes it can be strengthened before it reaches his desk. His spokesman says Obama will continue reaching out to Republicans.

The more bipartisan measure that is taking shape in the senate is also costlier than the $819 billion plan that passed the House.