Thomas, Lassiter Speak To Neighborhood Members

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(Topeka, KS)--The Topeka City Council is trying to decide whether to not to approve whether Zaire Thomas, who won the auction of the Sumner school for $89,000, should actually be approved to get the school. They are putting it off until next Tuesday because they have questions.

Some of the people who live near Sumner had question too, and they asked those questions to Zaire and auction runners-up Community First on Thursday night.

It turned into more of a forum, or debate, than a neighborhood meeting. Sandra Lassiter of Community First emphasized her group is local, and wants community members to tell city council members to disapprove the sale of Sumner to Thomas.

Thomas, for his part, said his character has been unfairly attacked, and he just wants an opportunity to serve Topeka with the community center he plans to open.