Deputy Mayor to Challenge Mayor in Spring Election

Jeff Preisner and Bill Bunten
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TOPEKA, Kan. - Topeka's Deputy Mayor, Jeff Preisner, plans to challenge current mayor, Bill Bunten, for his position in the Spring 2009 election.

The two are not alone in the race. Jon-Wesley O'Hara, Jason Dabney and Randal Trackwell also filed to run for Topeka Mayor in the March 3rd primary election.

Bunten and Preisner have worked with one another as city government officials for nearly four years.

Bunten was elected mayor in the spring 2005 election. Preisner became city council representative for District 8 in 2003.

Both men said they will not let the race change their professional relationship while on the council together. Bunten said he is running on a safety platform, while Preisner will try to implement the strong city council form of government the people voted on.

Shawnee County Election Office