O'Hara Files for Topeka Mayor's Seat

Jon-Wesley O'Hara
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Bill Bunten faces a fight to stay in the Topeka mayor's office.

Jon-Wesley O'Hara filed for the office Monday.

O'Hara is a subcontractor for the U.S. Postal Service, picking up mail from rural areas. He turns 28-years old Feb. 4th.

O'Hara says he respects Bunten and his service, but believes Topeka can do better. He says he disagrees with Bunten over the need to increase the sales tax. He also doesn't believe the city council districts or elections need restructuring, as Bunten has proposed.

O'Hara says he wants the city government to do a better job representing its citizens.

He and his wife had an 18-month old son.