Abortion Activists on Both Sides Mark Roe Anniversary

Pro-life demonstrators marked the thirty-sixth anniversary of the landmark Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision Thursday.

Crowds gathered on the lawn in front of the State Supreme Court to protest the controversial decision which legalized abortion to certain extents.

They also wanted to bring attention to what they say is the state's prominent role in providing late term abortions.

"Tthis message is really important to us Kansans here," said Kansas for Life President Alan Hansen, "and they must address it and i think it's a message particulary to our governor who has not been with us but vigorously against us."

Pro-choice activists also marked the Roe decision. The kansas choice alliance held a rally at Dillon House.

The nearly 100 attendees then sat down to a buffet lunch with legislators during which they delivered a petition they claim protects reproductive freedom.

Organizers say it's not just about abortion.

"Our message today is that we are carrying on with the struggle that was are above and beyond abortion," said Barbara Holzmark, the president of the Kansas Choice Alliance. "We want access to contraception. we want comprehensive sex education and we want respect just like everyone else does."