Crime Down in Capital City

TOPEKA, Kan. - Crime continues to go down in the capital city, but police chief Ron Miller said Wednesday at the Topeka Police Department's Annual crime strategy review, property crime continues to be the number one problem in Topeka.

Violent crime decreased from 725 crimes in 2007 to 610 in 2008. It makes up about 7.6% of all crime in Topeka.

The rest is property crime, which, Chief Miller says, shows there are more money-fueled crimes in Topeka - such as criminals looking for drug money - that aggressive, violent criminal activity.

The Topeka Police Department also honored employees during an awards presentation before the review.

Accreditation Manager Diane Brey was surprised with a name plate for her desk for all of her hard work.

Second shift supervisor, Denise Vaughn, was named 2008 Civilian Employee of the Year.

Ronald Hollar, Manuel Munoz and Colleen Stuart were named School Resource Officers of the Year.

The Medal of Merit went to Officer Angela Widener.

Officer Patrick Salmon was named 2008 Officer of the Year.

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