Holton Approves Bonds for Rebuilding Utilities

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Voters in the city of Holton gave an overwhelming thumbs up to a plan to rebuild the cities utility system.

Results of a special election Wednesday show 459 in favor and 89 against issuing $3.6 million in bonds to pay for the project.

Holton's electrical distribution system was crippled by an ice storm in 2007. The Federal Emergency Management Agency said it would fund 85 percent of the rebuilding, but it disagrees over the total cost .

Some residents also questioned the need. Joan Wade said she realizes the need to repair the lines, but doesn't believe it needs to be done in such a way that carries so much expense. But resident Bridget Pringle said she wanted to see it all fixed so a situation like December 2007 doesn't happen again.

The bonds would be paid off over 20 years.