Kansas Bank Honors McCain As Latest Loser

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NORTON, Kan. (AP) _ As Barack Obama became president, the man he defeated in November was honored with a different kind of ceremony in the northwest Kansas town of Norton.

A framed photograph of Republican Sen. John McCain went up today at First State Bank in Norton, home of the ``They Also Ran'' gallery. It's a tribute to losing presidential candidates.

The row of black and white drawings and photographs starts with Thomas Jefferson, who lost to John Adams in 1796. It winds its way around three walls and ends with McCain. A brief biography is beneath each portrait.

Museum curator Lee Ann Shearer says about 30 people showed up to watch her add McCain's photograph next to Sen. John Kerry, the unsuccessful Democratic nominee in 2004.

A few remained to watch Barack Obama become the nation's 44th president on a TV set up in the gallery.