Volunteers Cook Up New Recipe for Fund Raising

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LAWRENCE, Kan. -- Chili doesn't just fill stomachs, it might also fill cavities. Volunteers raised more than $700 for the Douglas County Dental Clinic with a chili fest and dessert bar.

Organizer Jackie Counts served up the MLK Service Day feast from her own kitchen in Lawrence. More than 75 people showed up to donate money, eat some chili and play music in her home.

An additional $300 went to the Lawrence Community Shelter. Counts' son, Keil Eggers, organized a canned food and clothing drive in the front of their home, gathering more than 100 pounds of food and 15 bags of clothing.

Counts said grassroots fund raising starts in the home. She has a few tips to share: Get a good idea, inform people online with Facebook and Evite, ask for help from friends and contact the local volunteer center.