Kansas Cattleman has Attended 66 Western Stock Shows

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DENVER (AP) _ Kansas native Walter Douthit is in the crowd at
the National Western Stock Show and Rodeo in Denver, impressed by
the shirtsleeve warmth of mid-January.

He's also been there when it's 30 below zero, the 70-year-old St. Francis cattleman says, in visits to 66 of the annual events at Denver's stockyards.

Things have changed a lot, and Walter's not talking about just the weather.

Today his daughter and her husband help sell the Hereford bulls
that have made the Douthit family famous in the cattle business and
at the stockyards.

Walter remembers sending cattle to Denver by train when the stockyards sold cattle year-round.

Now he is the last of the cattlemen who bring a herd and sell a herd at the stock show. Nearly all the rest have switched to ``show'' cows, meaning prize animals that attract buyers to the herd back home.

Walter's traditional approach reminds stockyard veterans of what the West, and the stock show, used to be like.