Panel Departs from Kansas Governor's Deficit Plan

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TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) _ A Senate committee rewrites parts of Gov.
Kathleen Sebelius' plan for eliminating a deficit in the current
state budget.

The Ways and Means Committee is drafting a bill to close a projected $186 million shortfall by June 30. Its chairman had hoped to have the work finished Friday, but some key issues were postponed until next week.

The committee is struggling with how far to depart from the Democratic governor's mix of targeted tax cuts and accounting changes. The panel has a 10-3 Republican majority, but the GOP members are split.

The committee went back and forth on Sebelius' proposal to divert $29 million in regulatory fees to general government programs. At first, the idea survived, but later the committee whittled the figure down to $8 million.

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