Credit Counselors See Business Go Up

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WICHITA, Kan. (AP) _ Some Kansas credit counselors say their business is up as the economy continues to have problems.

In Wichita, the nonprofit Consumer Credit Counseling Service helped 5,793 individuals or couples in 2008 _ a jump from the 2,160 it served in 2005.

And counselors in that city don't see the numbers dropping, with more residents expected to go bankrupt or become delinquent on bills.

Jeff Witherspoon, who's over the Consumer Crediting Counseling Service office, says the nonprofit has braced for thousands of new calls from people needing help with household bills and possible foreclosures and bankruptcies.

Many of those in financial trouble have been laid off, were in accidents or have increasing medical bills or other problems that are beyond their control.

But Witherspoon says a growing number of people in debt are in binds because they spend more than their income, often on unnecessary items.