Hundreds Sign Up to Drop Extra Weight

TOPEKA, Kan. - Hundreds of people registered for Get Fit Topeka! Saturday, Jan. 10.

The competition is about losing weight at the downtown YWCA. The Get Fit Topeka! challenge kicked off with initial health screenings and weigh-ins.

The seven-week program offers weekly weigh-ins and prizes.

"You just take those baby steps and you start doing your exercises, and you start making changes with your food and then you start feeling better," said Stacey Herman, Get Fit Topeka! Marketing Coordinator. "You start dropping a little bit more weight and you get a little bit more confident. You're sleeping better, you get a few compliments. Things just build on each other. People need to realize it's a process and it takes some time."

So after all the measuring, testing and working, what do these Get Fit participants say is the best part? "Being lighter, being a lot thinner. Having a new wardrobe," said David Love, a Get Fit Topeka! participant. "That'll be cool."

Cash prizes top $1,000 for the team that loses the most. You can register online at or in person at the downtown YWCA, 225 SW 12th St.