Topeka Police Warn of Credit Card Scam

TOPEKA, Kan. - The Topeka Police Financial Crimes Unit would like to alert area merchants and financial institutions about an ongoing credit card scam occurring in Topeka and the surrounding area.

This scam is as follows: A subject approaches a register and hands the cashier or clerk packaging from a pre-pay credit card, usually Green Dot brand. On the back of this packaging, the subject or his/her accomplice has placed a legitimate credit card number over the top of the activation number.

When the magnetic strip on the card will not swipe, the subject tells the cashier or clerk that the number on the back is the account number given to them by the company, and the clerk should hand-key in the number on the back of the packaging.

The cashier or clerk does this, and the card number goes through. Attached is a sample of the type of card in question.

Topeka Police would highly encourage area businesses not to accept this packaging as payment.

If you have any information about incidents of this type, please contact Detective Jack Sanders at 785-368-9508. If you have any information that would help law enforcement solve this crime, or have any information about other crimes, call CRIME STOPPERS at 234-0007 or 1-800-222-TIPS or Submit a Tip at or Text message your anonymous tip to CRIMES (274637), then “TIP128” at the start of you message.

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Card Scam in Topeka area – December 2008:
The Financial Crimes Unit has recently picked up two cases where a subject (usually buying either phone or gift cards) is trying to pay for his merchandise with a ‘reloadable’ card. In which the ‘bad guy’ is saying the number on the back is his number. The number on the back should be only the ‘activation number’, but the ‘bad guy’ has substituted a stolen card account number and has taped it onto the back. The magnetic strips on these were rendered useless so the clerk would have to hand key the entry.

This should be an activation number not an actual account number.