501 Finds Charter School Proposal Insufficient

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The Topeka 501 School Board found Community First's Charter School proposal insufficient to move forward at this time, meaning it can not be brought before the board until December.

The board then proposed that the superintendent come up with a plan featuring the positives of the proposal outside of the charter school format, which passed unanimously.

Several concerns had been raised after the charter proposal was reviewed by members of the community, such as the Chamber of Commerce board, teachers and administrators.

It rated several areas, such as whether the school was needed, community support and curriculum.

Chamber members and are pastors rated the plan highly. Reviews from teachers and administrators were more mixed.

Community first's financial backer, Ephren Taylor says he is interested in acquiring Sumner even if the charter is not part of the deal. He put in a bid for the school, which will be auctioned off by the city January 22.

With the charter out of the picture for now, he said he would like to use it as some sort of community center.