Fort Riley Mounted Color Guard Prepares for D.C.

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When President-elect Barack Obama is sworn in January 20th, the 1st Division Commanding General's Mounted Color Guard will be there.

Fourteen horses and their soldier riders from Fort Riley came to Topeka Thursday to get some practice in before heading to Washington, D.C. The group was granted access around the Statehouse grounds to prepare. They came to Topeka because they needed a more urban setting, with streets more like the nation's capital - wider and with more traffic.

All the horses but one are from Kansas. Some of the horses have been in past inaugurations, but it will be a new experience for all the riders. The horses had to be outfitted with special shoes to give them better traction on the D.C. streets.

The group leaves for Washington Jan. 17. They'll have additional practices in Wichita and at Fort Riley before they depart.