Sister Makes "Repeated Efforts" to Find Brother

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WICHITA - The sister of a Kansas boy missing for nearly a decade says she made repeated efforts to track down her brother.
Tiffany Broadfoot was separated from her missing brother, Adam
Herrman, after abuse allegations surfaced in their biological
mother's home.
Adam and two younger siblings were placed with Valerie and Doug
Herrman. Another Wichita family adopted Broadfoot.
Now authorities have named the Herrmans ``people of interest''
in Adam's recently discovered disappearance.
The Herrmans have said through an attorney that Adam had a
history of running away. They said they assumed he had gone to live
with his biological family when he disappeared in 1999 at the age
of 11.
Broadfoot said the first time she called Adam's adoptive mother
she was told everything was fine and Adam was doing well. Other
times when she called she was told not to call the home again
because Adam and his siblings did not know they were adopted.
And she says Valerie Herrman told her to ``back off'' during a
conversation in August or September.