Wake-Up Call For Drivers On Cell Phones

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Even though technology allows us to get in touch no matter where we are or what we're doing, it doesn't always mean we should. The Kansas Highway Patrol says using a cell phone while driving is just a bad idea.

Whether its for business or pleasure, it isn't hard to find someone gabbing on their cell phone while driving. "I don't make a lot of personal calls while I'm at work," says Debbie Griffith. "So as soon as 5:00 p.m. hits, I'm on the cell phone in my car to find out what I missed."

"It only takes one thing to go wrong and to crash," says Trooper Timothy McCool.

In 2007, 350 people crashed on Kansas highways because of a cell phone distraction. In those, 161 people suffered injuries and seven people died.

So McCool says if you have to be on the phone, pull over. Another good option - just let it go to voicemail.

If you think the 2 seconds it takes to take your eyes off the road and answer your cell phone isn't a problem, think again. If you're going 60 miles an hour, you'll travel 60 yards or from the 50 yard line to the goal post, in just 2 seconds.

"Twenty years ago we didn't have cell phones and we got along just fine, didn't we?" says McCool.