Bill Would Base Turnpike Tolls on Speed

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) _ A Kansas senator wants speeding turnpike drivers to pay more in tolls.

David Haley has introduced a bill that would allow the Kansas Turnpike Authority to charge tolls based on a driver's speed. Fast drivers traveling on the turnpike would be charged more than a flat rate.

The speed limit is 70 mph on the 236 miles of roadway in the Turnpike Authority system.

Haley's proposal, introduced ahead of the legislative session, has been floated before in Kansas. A similar bill pushed by Haley, a Wyandotte County Democrat, in 2007 didn't make it to a committee hearing.

Republican Rep. Gary Hayzlett, of Lakin, says the latest toll proposal is "meddling'' in turnpike board business unnecessarily. Hayzlett is vice chairman of the Turnpike Authority board.

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