Lifelong Topekan Enters Council Race

Andrew Gray
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A second candidate has entered the running for Topeka's district seven city council seat.

40-year old Andrew Gray works as a communications specialist for AT&T. He says he wants to encourage more accessiblity, more accountability and more civility in city government.

"Some past leaders have appeared to work harder maintaining a system of alienating Topekans rather than one that serves Topekans," Gray said in a statement. "I will bring fresh perspectives to the challenges Topeka faces."

Gray is a member of Topeka Catholic Parents Cooperative, Telecom Pioneers of America, Americans for Prosperity, The Cato Institute, Kansas Taxpayers Network and Transform Topeka.

The 7th district seat is currently held by Brett Blackburn. He has not yet said whether he'll seek re-election.

Former councilwoman Lisa Stubbs previously announced her candidacy.

Odd-numbered Topeka City Council districts and the mayor's seat are up for election in April.