Fight Suspects Arrested After YouTube Tip

(CBS/AP) Investigators in Ohio say they have YouTube to thank for arrests in connection with a large disturbance.

The Summit County Sheriff's Office said Friday it arrested two people on charges of assault and inciting violence, and issued warrants for three others for the fight in Twinsburg Township outside Akron.

Sheriff's Patrol Commander Major Roger Kline said people were already leaving the scene when police arrived at the disturbance October 23, which involved about 40 people.

"Nobody would own up to seeing anything," Kline told the Akron Beacon Journal.

But then police got a tip that a witness to the fight had recorded it, and a video was posted on the YouTube video-sharing Web service.

The five-minute, 16-second video, posted to YouTube's U.K. server, was labeled "tburg fight." [It has since been taken offline.]

"I am sure they didn't put it on there for the purpose of helping us," Kline told the paper.

Police said they were able to identify suspects after watching the video and conferring with Twinsburg High School teachers and administrators.

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