Manhattan Smoking Ban Goes Into Effect

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Manhattan, Kan. - It's time for Manhattan to kick the habit.

A no-smoking ordinance voters approved in November took effect 12:01 am, Sunday. It bans smoking in most public places and some outdoor areas, too.

13 News went to the streets gathering opinions from locals. What do they think about the new ordinance? Click Video Above

The Riley County Health Department has been working with the city, business owners and the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce to educate them on how to comply with the ordinance. Director Charles Murphy says they put together flyers and brochures for distribution. Those are also available, along with required signs, at the city's web site.

Murphy says he believes the ordinance will be a step forward for the health of the community. He says tobacco is public enemy number one because it's so damaging to individuals.

Riley County Police say they'll be looking for voluntary compliance with the ordinance. They don't plan any aggressive enforcement right now, but they will respond to complaints.