Statue stolen from Madoff home in Palm Beach

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PALM BEACH, Fla. – Authorities say he took billions from investors, and now someone has taken a statue from him.

Palm Beach police are investigating the disappearance of a $10,000 copper sculpture of two seated lifeguards from the multimillion-dollar home of disgraced investment guru Bernard Madoff (MAY'-dawf).

Police spokeswoman Janet Kinsella said Tuesday a housekeeper reported the statue missing Dec. 22.

The Wall Street money manager was arrested several weeks ago on securities fraud charges. Authorities say Madoff claims he lost more than $50 billion belonging to investors, including major banks, charities, schools and retirees. Many lost their entire life savings.

Madoff met many investors in Palm Beach, where he was a part-time resident. He remains under house arrest in Manhattan.