Greensburg in Unique Position to Draw 'Green' Jobs

May 4, 2007 - An F-5 tornado destroyed much of Greensburg in Kiowa County
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HUTCHINSON, Kan. (AP) _ Greensburg's efforts to go green place it in the middle of a rare bright spot in the nation's economy.

While much of the economy suffers, the green industry continues to grow.

That's good news for Greensburg. The southwest Kansas community was leveled in a May 2007 tornado and decided to follow a sustainable master plan for rebuilding. It's efforts have won it recognition as a model green community.

And now the community hopes to capitalize on the designation, using it to lure green industries.

Torsten Energy already has plans to build a biodiesel plant in Greensburg. It will add 20 to 25 jobs.

The city also is in discussions with California-based Extreme Homes. The sustainable home manufacturing company would add another 50 to 100 green jobs to the Greensburg economy.

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