"Annie Warbucks" Continues the Little Orphan's Story at TCT

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It's a beloved musical known the world over...but not many of us have seen the sequel. We've all heard the beloved story of Annie, the red-haired orphan looking for a family to love her. But what about after Daddy Warbucks decides to take her home?

To hear that tale, travel no further than the Topeka Civic Theatre.

"It's quite amusing, Daddy thinks all is happy and good until a social worker enters the picture," explains Chelle Decker.

And a talented local crew carries the story, including little Annie! "She can sing!! She definitely fills a room!" Decker says. And daddy Warbucks went all out to look the part.

"He has the most beautiful curly hair and it's gone to play Daddy Warbucks!! Decker says.

These talented actors aren't paid professionals. The Topeka Civic Theatre uses an all-volunteer cast. "You'll see a doctor, a lawyer, and a waitress next to each other doing these shows," says Decker. Even families act together on stage. "It's a great experience to rehearse together, act together, etc. We love shows with kids!!"

You have one more chance to catch the show!!! Call the Topeka Civic Theatre for tickets to any of their shows, Call 785-357-5213.