Jury in NJ close to verdict in Fort Dix trial

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CAMDEN, N.J. (AP) -- Jury deliberations resumed Monday in the trial of five men accused of plotting an attack on Fort Dix.

The talks continued the day after the panel told Judge Robert Kugler they expected to reach a decision Monday.

The men, all foreign-born Muslims who lived for years in the Philadelphia suburb of Cherry Hill, are charged with conspiring to kill military personnel and attempted murder. Four also face weapons charges.

All five could face life in prison if convicted.

Lawyers for the men said the plot was all talk and the men weren't seriously planning anything. The defense said the five were goaded by two paid FBI informants. Much of the testimony was focused on the informants and hundreds of hours of recordings they made with the five men, who didn't testify.

The jury has not offered many clues about which way it is leaning. Jurors have made only two substantive requests - both for transcripts of testimony.

The government said after the men were arrested in 2007 that an attack was imminent and the case underscored the dangers of terrorist plots hatched on U.S. soil.

Although investigators said the men were inspired by Osama bin Laden, they were not accused of any ties to foreign terror groups.