KU Art Jogs Memories For Alumni

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Listen up, KU fans. we're about to take you on a trip down memory lane.
One local exhibit will help you remember a beautiful spring day on the KU campus from one hundred different perspectives.

On a sunny day in April, sixty five artists headed to the University of Kansas to take it all in, pick a spot, and paint whatever they saw or felt.
And what we got were one hundred paintings making up this exhibit, "A Spring Day on the Hill".

"That's one of my favorites, you feel like you could walk right in to it," says David Johnston from the KU Alumni Association.

"We had several different artists standing shoulder to shoulder, painting the same scene but got totally different paintings," adds Gary Blitsch, owner of Southwind Gallery and Framewoods. That's where you can find these paintings now.

"People would paint one perspective thta some didn't get but others would immediately get incredible meaning because of experiences during their days on campus," says Johnston.

"The diversity of paintings, we have abstract, contemporary, ones we recognize but are still abstract." adds Blitsch.

"At the expo, one person said 'What is that?' and another said, 'Oh i know... i toiled for so many hours there." laughs Johnston. "As a cross- country runner, the view from out of town looking back at Frazier Hall, that's the one that appeals to me."

All the paintings are for sale, but if fine art prices are a little over your budget - you can take home the entire exhibit in one book.

"The book has all the works and pictures of the artists. We had a photographer follow us around all day," says Blitsch. "We interviewed each artists while they were painting."

"A lot of our alumni are collectors of art and of course ku fans so i imagine this will be on a lot of christmas lists," says Johnston.

If the book is on any of your christmas lists... you can buy it at southwind gallery, the gallery website or the KU Alumni website. Check for a link under the Hot Spot.