Sprint Nextel to Unveil Dual Network Modem

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Sprint Nextel Corp. has unveiled a new laptop modem that will allow users to switch between the company's normal cellular network and the new high-speed WiMax network.
The Overland Park, Kan.-based wireless carrier made the announcement yesterday. The USB Modem U300 will go on sale Sunday
in Baltimore. That's the only market where Sprint is currently
offering the so-called fourth-generation wireless service under the
Xohm brand.
WiMax is similar to the WiFi broadband services found in
airports and coffee shops. It can cover an entire city and provide
download speeds up to five times faster than Sprint's standard
wireless network, which uses CDMA technology.
The modem automatically scans for a WiMax network and connects
to it if possible. If the user is mobile and drifts out of range of
WiMax, the modem will reset and begin operating on the slower CDMA