Affleck, Jagger Launch Humanitarian Effort

CNN) -- Hollywood actor Ben Affleck and rock luminary Mick Jagger launched a media campaign meant to raise money for and draw attention to people displaced by recent fighting in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Speaking at the United Nations Wednesday, Affleck announced the release of "Gimme Shelter," a short film he hopes will raise $23 million in humanitarian assistance for the war-ravaged African nation. Jagger did not attend the ceremony at the U.N.

Directed by Affleck and filmed by John Toll, both Academy Award winners, the footage was shot in the North Kivu region of Congo, where thousands fled their homes after heavy fighting resumed in August.

"We made this film in order to focus attention on the humanitarian crisis in the DRC at a time when too much of the world is indifferent or looking the other way," Affleck said in a statement released Wednesday.

"The suffering and loss we've all seen firsthand is staggering -- it is beyond belief," he said.

The U.N. Security Council recently approved sending about 3,000 additional troops to bolster the 17,000-strong peacekeeping force already in the region.