Kansas City Station Flips Switch, Goes Digital

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KCWE-TV, Kansas City's CW affiliate connected to ABC affiliate KMBC, flipped the switch on its much ballyhooed switch to clearer, high-definition digital signal Monday morning at 9:00. They're a full two months ahead of the anticipated February 17, 2009 mandate for all stations in the nation to broadcast a digital signal only.

A panel of telephone operators were on the job before 6:00 this morning, answering viewers calls as KMBC, Channel 9 in Kansas City, broadcast information about the switchover on its morning newscast. (The same anchor team broadcasts on KCWE from 7:00 until 9:00am, and led up to the official transition to digital.)

The crews reported some callers couldn't find the much-needed converter boxes, while one family reported it bought four, for all the analog sets in their homes.

As always in all cities, if you have digital cable service into your new set, you're ready for digital. Keep reading the latest information on wibw.com for details on WIBW-TV's conversion.