Water Main Break in Montara Causes Icy Mess

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Water shot more than 25 feet into the air when a water main broke while crews were working on the sewage system in Montara. The frigid temperatures caused the water to freeze on contact covering trees, mailboxes, and the road in a thick sheet of ice.

Residents near 69th and Clearview could only watch as the water turned their street into a winter wonderland. Earl Harris stood helpless as his vehicle became engulfed in ice. The City Water Dept. arrived 30 minutes after the water main broke and many could not believe the damage.

They immediately began trimming trees back and trying to locate the break in the water main. The line broke a second time complicating matters even more. Meanwhile access to the road was cut off.

At 6:00 Monday evening crews continued to repair the line in hopes of turning the water back on to the more than 40 residents who were affected.

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