Outgoing House Speaker Gets Plum Committee Spot

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TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) _ Outgoing House Speaker Melvin Neufeld will
head the chamber's Federal and State Affairs Committee next year.

Neufeld's appointment was announced Wednesday along with other committee chairmen by Speaker-elect Mike O'Neal, who defeated Neufeld Dec. 1. It was the first time an incumbent speaker was
denied a second two-year term since 1994.

O'Neal created seven committees, including four that were split from two committees.

"We are facing challenges that are unprecedented in Kansas,” O’Neal said in a statement. “I believe we have identified an excellent team of talented caucus members to address these challenges over the
next two years”.

He also said due to budget and space constraints, some of the committees will meet only twice weekly after the Legislature convenes Jan. 12. In previous sessions, some of the committees met daily.

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List of House Committee Leadership Assignments:
Agriculture and Natural Resources – Chair: Larry Powell (R-Garden
City), Vice Chair: Rocky Fund (R-Hoyt)

Aging and Long Term Care – Chair: Bob Bethell (R-Alden), Vice Chair:
Don Hill (R-Emporia)

Appropriations – Chair: Kevin Yoder (R-Overland Park), Vice Chair:
Jason Watkins (R-Wichita)

Calendar and Printing – Chair: Ray Merrick (R-Stilwell), Vice Chair:
Mike O’Neal (R-Hutchinson)

Commerce and Labor – Chair: Steve Brunk (R-Bel Aire), Vice Chair:
John Grange (R-El Dorado)

Corrections and Juvenile Justice – Chair: Pat Colloton (R-Leawood),
Vice Chair: Joe Patton (R-Topeka)

Economic Development and Tourism – Chair: Lana Gordon (R-Topeka),
Vice Chair: Owen Donohoe (R-Shawnee)

Education – Chair: Clay Aurand (R-Courtland), Vice Chair: Deena Horst

Elections – Chair: Steve Huebert (R-Valley Center), Vice Chair: Scott
Schwab (R-Olathe)

Energy and Utilities – Chair: Carl Holmes (R-Liberal), Vice Chair:
Forrest Knox (R-Altoona)

Federal and State Affairs – Chair: Melvin Neufeld (R-Ingalls), Vice
Chair: Mike Kiegerl (R-Olathe)

Financial Institutions – Chair: Anthony Brown (R-Eudora), Vice Chair:
Richard Proehl (R-Parsons)

Government Efficiency and Fiscal Oversight – Chair: Jim Morrison
(R-Colby), Vice Chair: Mike Burgess (R-Topeka)

Health and Human Services – Chair: Brenda Landwehr (R-Wichita), Vice
Chair: David Crum (R-Augusta)

Higher Education – Chair: Terrie Huntington (R-Mission Hills), Vice
Chair: Marc Rhoades (R-Newton)

Insurance – Chair: Clark Schultz (R-Lindsborg), Vice Chair: Virgil
Peck (R-Tyro)

Interstate Cooperation – Chair: Arlen Siegfreid (R-Olathe), Vice
Chair: Ray Merrick (R-Stilwell)

Judiciary – Chair: Lance Kinzer (R-Olathe), Vice Chair: Jeff Whitham
(R-Garden City)

Local Government – Chair: Sharon Schwartz (R-Washington), Vice Chair:
Mitch Holmes (R-St. John)

Rules and Journal – Chair: Clark Schultz (R-Lindsborg)

Taxation – Chair: Richard Carlson (R-St. Marys), Vice Chair: Jeff
King (R-Independence)

Transportation – Chair: Gary Hayzlett (R-Lakin), Vice Chair: Jene
Vickrey (R-Louisburg)

Veterans, Military and Homeland Security – Chair: Don Myers
(R-Derby), Vice Chair: Mario Goico (R-Wichita)

Vision 2020 – Chair: Tom Sloan (R-Lawrence), Vice Chair: Pat George
(R-Dodge City)

Agriculture and Natural Resources Budget – Chair John Faber
(R-Brewster), Vice Chair: Larry Powell (R-Garden City)

Education Budget – Chair: Joe McLeland (R-Wichita), Vice Chair: Clay
Aurand (R-Courtland)

General Government Budget – Chair: Jason Watkins (R-Wichita), Vice
Chair: Kasha Kelley (R-Arkansas City)

Legislative Budget – Chair: Kevin Yoder (R-Overland Park), Vice
Chair: Ray Merrick (R-Stilwell)

Transportation and Public Safety Budget – Chair: Lee Tafanelli
(R-Ozawkie), Vice Chair Vern Swanson (R-Clay Center)

Social Services Budget – Chair: Peggy Mast (R-Emporia), Vice Chair:
Marc Rhoades (R-Newton)

Select Committee on KPERS – Chair: Sharon Schwartz (R-Washington),
Vice Chair: Clark Schultz (R-Lindsborg)