Holton Prepares For Power Vote

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(Holton, KS)--One year ago the city of Holton was about to be hit with three inches of ice. The storm did great damage to its power lines, transformers, essentially the whole system.

As it stands, the power lines probably wouldn't hold up to a similar storm. The city manager says he hopes the people will approve a ballot issue to rebuild the system -- and they're asking FEMA for help too.

City Manager Glenn Rodden hopes residents remember those miserable days when they vote on the electrical revenue bond issue in January. Enough people signed a petition to force the vote. The $3.6 million bonds could add as much as eight dollars per month to customers' utility bills...if FEMA doesn't contribute...but that won't be known until spring...after the election.

Also a concern -- state lawsays only people who live within the city limits can vote -- excluding 400 county customers.

The city will be holding forums to spread information to the voters, who will make the final call.

The attorney general's office is looking into the validity of the petition that forced the election. As long as that checks out, the special election will be held before the end of January.