More raises in Shawnee Co.

Shawnee County Commissioners recently voted themselves a raise, up to $43,000. They are not alone, though, several department heads in the county will also be receiving hikes.

Among those seeing a salary bump is Public Works Director Tom Vlach, the highest-paid department head, and the only one with a six-figure salary, who will earn $100,000 next year.

Shawnee Co. Counselor Rich Ekert is next in line at $94,000 per year, while the county's top lawman, Sheriff Dick Barta, will bring home $87,000.

The county Commission raised Parks and Rec Director John Knight's salary to $70,000 and Elections Commissionor Elizabeth Ensley to $60,000.

Emergency Managenment Director Dave Sterbenz goes to $57,000 next year and Co. Treasurer Larry Wilson will get $52,000.