City Reminds You, Keep Streets Clean

TOPEKA, Kan. - With the leaves off the trees and snow just around the corner, the City of Topeka Street crews are reminding citizens to keep drainage basins, roadways and sidewalks clear of lawn debris and snow.

Some Dos and Don’ts

• Do not rake leaves and other debris into the street. Yard debris deposited in the street clogs storm drains, causing water to pool then freeze during low temperatures.
• Remove snow from sidewalks within 12 hours after a snow or ice event, or in the case where the snow event ends during the night, remove snow and ice within 6 hours after sunrise.
• If removal of snow and ice are made practically impossible due to ice or compaction, you may use sand, ashes, or other non-corrosive, non-ice-forming chemicals to treat the sidewalks.
• Do not push, plow or otherwise move snow and ice in a public or private parking area onto any public sidewalks, private streets or handicapped stalls. Many individuals, especially those with disabilities, rely on these sidewalks to get to and from work and bus stops.

Those caught pushing leaves or snow into the street could be fined.