Community Rallies to Help 6-Year-Old

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TOPEKA, Kan. - She's had 17 brain surgeries in her short life and now six year old Rainy Cook struggles to recover from a different kind of surgery.

Saturday, Twyla Broadbent helped organize a fundraiser at Indian Creek Elementary for Rainy and her family to fund work on a bathroom in the Cook home that will make it wheelchair accessible for Rainy.

Rainy has been in and out of hospitals fighting a rare brain disease. She's had 17 brain-related operations, but Rainy manages to stay full of life.

"She's got a big smile," said Broadbent. "She loves to have fun just like any other girl her age."

Rainy's dad Geoff says she's like most young girls. "Rainy is a silly, energetic six year old who just loves to be a princess."

Rainy's condition does give her some limitations. "She has to be in a wheelchair often because she has seizures and she loses motor function," said Geoff.

Broadbent said she would love to see thousands of dollars in donations for the Cook family to help fund the new bathroom.

"This will be a way for her to have her own freedom and be able to be in there with the wheelchair and for us to be able to help her out," said Geoff. "Ya' know, she's a girl. She needs her own bathroom."

Unfortunately, Rainy couldn't be at the fundraiser Saturday because she is back in the hospital. Geoff said, "She had her appendix out, which is kind of odd because most of her surgeries are brain-related.

"She's actually in the hospital right now. We're real concerned about her. She didn't recover as quickly as we had hoped."

You can read updates on Rainy and her condition at

Donations can be made at any Core First Bank to the Rainy Days Fund.