Topeka-Area Seniors Have Help for Medicare D Deadline

A big deadline is looming for senior citizens - one that could save them big bucks on prescription medications.

It's Medicare Part D enrollment time. Through the end of the year, eligible seniors can join a plan for the first time or switch to a different one. Medicare D offers coverage for prescription medications.

Paul Evans didn't hesitate to sign on when Medicare started offering prescription drug coverage a few years back. But he says he's also sure to double-check his plan every year. During the first year, he discovered problems with his plan of choice. Over this past year, he started taking a new medication and he wants to be sure it's covered.

Jan Koeppen, a Senior Health Insurance Counseling for Kansas counselor who works for HealthWise 55, says Dave has the right idea. She says plans can change the list of medications they cover, as well as the co-pays. Sometimes, those plans can even change mid-year, when changes aren't allowed.

Koeppen says the best place to start to know which plan to choose is Medicare's web site, She says it takes a person through simple prompts, entering information like name, address and medications names and doseages, then creates a list of plans that provide the best coverage for a person's needs, sorted by cost.

In Shawnee County, she says, 48 plans are available this year. The deadline to apply for Medicare D or change your plan is Dec. 31st.

Medicare D Enrollment Assistance
HealthWise 55
(785) 354-6787
Jayhawk Area Agency on Aging
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Senior Health Insurance Counseling for Kansas (SHICK)