Kansas 'Pill Mill' Nurse Alleges Abuse in Jail

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WICHITA, Kan. (AP) _ Attorneys for a Kansas nurse accused with her husband of running a ``pill mill'' linked to 58 accidental overdose deaths says she's facing abuse in jail.

Defense lawyer Kevin Byers filed a motion this week asking a federal judge to intervene in the treatment of Linda Schneider of Haysville.

Schneider and her husband, Dr. Stephen Schneider, are awaiting trial on charges of directly causing four deaths and contributing to 21 others.

Byers claims Linda Schneider suffered from an infection on her neck and was told to tie back her hair while it healed. But guards found the hair-tie and put her in solitary confinement for having contraband.

Her attorneys have sought to have her released pending trial but judges are concerned she is a flight risk.

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