Pregnant Spouses Miss Deployed Counterparts

Families of deployed soldiers at Fort Riley won't spend Thanksgiving with their loved ones, but many of the spouses left behind will spend it with each other.

Jessica Sullivan always planned on deploying to Iraq with her husband. But when she became pregnant, plans changed. So at twenty-two weeks , Jessica's life now means getting ready for baby back at Fort Riley without her husband.

Jennifer Fitzgerald is also expecting her first child and her husband of seven years just deployed to Iraq, but for the second time.

Jessica talks to her husband Richard almost daily online.

Jennifer gets to talk to John about once a week. Despite the distance, both husbands do what they can to be a part of the baby process, but nothing can replace having their husbands home.

The bond between army spouses left behind has become a support system. Both moms -to-be will rely on their own moms when the time comes.

Jennifer and Jessica depend on the fact that their bonds with their husbands will survive the time and they have a lot to look forward to.

Jessica and Jennifer are due in the spring. Their husbands are set to return from their 12-month deployment next October.

Both men hope to use their R&R to come home when their babies are born.