Bush twins show Obama girls fun White House tricks

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WASHINGTON (AP) -- Malia and Sasha Obama learned a few tricks from Barbara and Jenna Bush on their recent visit to the White House - like how to slide down the solarium ramp, bottom first.

The daughters of President George W. Bush showed the girls their bedrooms, helped them jump on a bed and taught them a few ways to have fun, Laura Bush told ABC's "Good Morning America" on Wednesday.

"It was fun for the girls to get to show them not only (their rooms), but the way the big cross hall can be an obstacle course for little kids to run up and down, and the solarium ramp that you can slide down on your bottom. So they showed them all the special tricks," she said.

The twins also "aided and abetted" the Obama girls' running jump onto a tall bed.

"We usually put a step out for people to step into when they stay in that room. But instead the little girls did the running jump, and Barbara and Jenna of course aided and abetted that jumping," she said.

Laura Bush said the girls' rooms were her first task in decorating the White House, which she is showing off Wednesday in a History channel special, "The White House: Behind Closed Doors."

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