Fire Action Delayed By Council

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Tensions between the Fire Union and Topeka Fire Department management could flare up again -- but it won't happen until at least December 16.

That's when the City Council will be discussing the future of the fire promotion board. Council was set to discuss the issue Tuesday, but will now wait until that date.

Currently, when anyone applies to the topeka Fire Department, they must take a civil service test to become a firefighter third class.

The union says that everyone must start at that rank.

Fire management says the chief, Howard Giles, is able to appoint anyone he wants to top administrative positions.

Those appointees would have to take the civil service test, but would not have to start at the rank of firefighter third class.

Union members have been upset when seniority was bypassed for promotions, especially when people were brought in from outside the department to fill positions such as Deputy Chief Rick Pardee.

Click the video for our complete interview with Deputy Mayor Jeff Preisner.