USD 383 School Nurse Receives KU Award

Tamara Dorsett
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Manhattan High's school nurse is being honored among the best.

Tamara Dorsett received the "Nursing - Heart of Healthcare" award from the University of Kansas School of Nursing. The award recognizes outstanding professional work of registered nurses across the state.

She was one of ten recipients chosen from 183 nominees.

Dorsett has been with the Manhattan-Ogden district for 21 years.

“As a dedicated nurse, she treats the whole person,” Barb Crooks, a MHS colleague who nominated Dorsett for the award, said in a statement. “Tamara is a ‘mother’ to kids who need one. The students in this building know they have a safe place to go in Tamara’s office. She makes a positive impact on the lives of these children. She is the heart of our school.”